Hi, my name is Dilawar Hussain (Dilawer Soomro, sometimes!) and I have been writing online/offline for nearly nine years now.

I can write different, engaging, and compelling articles that are not another average, run-of-the-mill stuff that is good enough to be approved and published, but is failing to be something more, something that can stand out in the crowd or to make you feel absorbed while reading that article or blog post you stumbled upon online and not fall asleep after the first paragraph and wake up two hours later thinking what stuff you could do in the meantime.

The topics that I’m best at include: Tech, Business, Making money online, SEO, eCommerce, Online marketing, Cybersecurity, Video games, Smartphones, and Casinos, but if I find that a particular topic is exciting for me it’s no problem to do some serious research in order to deliver the best possible content.

I have been writing freelance content for top blogs that include but not limited to Ubergizmo, Geek Insider, AndroidHeadlines, RedFerret, and Beebom. Check out my portfolio.

Contact me if you have any questions.